Montag, 27. Februar 2012

Things I do when I'm...


Currently I have the impression that school becomes even more boring than normally.
Like e.g. right now
Lessons aren't exciting at all, even my favourite subjects bore me to death.
Due to that I have found some practical activities to fight my boredom! :D
I'd like to share it with you, because most of my friends think that I'm a genius at finding distraction and enjoy my ideas to entertain ourselves ♥

The best distraction to me is: to tinker!
Doing handicrafts is fun, can be used as decoration as well and actually helps to concentrate, at least subconciously. 
It's a distraction which isn't really useless like playing Battleship or sth. like that.

I'm quite crazy about lucky stars and 3D origami right now - I've been also frisking, but it became kind of annoying and expensive ...
Here we go - my favourite pieces of tinkering:



 This jar is my favourite one. It took me plenty of weeks to complete it and now there are over 3000 lucky stars lying in there.

Conclusion: stay smoothy, don't worry about senseless wasted time, take a piece of paper and start folding it and you'll enjoy even the most boring lessons or meetings :D

Well, hope I haven't bored you with this entry (at least my intention has been the opposite)
If so: fold some lucky stars ♥

Kisses and hugs 
Hong Van ♥

My damn PC and I

Hey there guys!
I'm very astonished about having so many followers, although I haven't been posting for quite a long while.
Thank you very much!
I should probably explain what's the matter: 

It's my PC >___<
This old lemon is kicking the bucket since my brother gave it to me (which was a long long time ago) and now it's really giving up the ghost.
It makes the impression as if it collects every single virus we have on the net.
But: My brother will come visit us soon.
I hope he'll fix it.
It's very untimely that this is happening exactly now, since I have lots of stuff to write about.
But well whatever - I'll do my best to solve this problem.

But at the moment that's the only solution I see... XD

Well I think I'll update the most important stuff today, since my computer science teacher doesn't get anything ♥