Montag, 27. Februar 2012

Things I do when I'm...


Currently I have the impression that school becomes even more boring than normally.
Like e.g. right now
Lessons aren't exciting at all, even my favourite subjects bore me to death.
Due to that I have found some practical activities to fight my boredom! :D
I'd like to share it with you, because most of my friends think that I'm a genius at finding distraction and enjoy my ideas to entertain ourselves ♥

The best distraction to me is: to tinker!
Doing handicrafts is fun, can be used as decoration as well and actually helps to concentrate, at least subconciously. 
It's a distraction which isn't really useless like playing Battleship or sth. like that.

I'm quite crazy about lucky stars and 3D origami right now - I've been also frisking, but it became kind of annoying and expensive ...
Here we go - my favourite pieces of tinkering:



 This jar is my favourite one. It took me plenty of weeks to complete it and now there are over 3000 lucky stars lying in there.

Conclusion: stay smoothy, don't worry about senseless wasted time, take a piece of paper and start folding it and you'll enjoy even the most boring lessons or meetings :D

Well, hope I haven't bored you with this entry (at least my intention has been the opposite)
If so: fold some lucky stars ♥

Kisses and hugs 
Hong Van ♥

My damn PC and I

Hey there guys!
I'm very astonished about having so many followers, although I haven't been posting for quite a long while.
Thank you very much!
I should probably explain what's the matter: 

It's my PC >___<
This old lemon is kicking the bucket since my brother gave it to me (which was a long long time ago) and now it's really giving up the ghost.
It makes the impression as if it collects every single virus we have on the net.
But: My brother will come visit us soon.
I hope he'll fix it.
It's very untimely that this is happening exactly now, since I have lots of stuff to write about.
But well whatever - I'll do my best to solve this problem.

But at the moment that's the only solution I see... XD

Well I think I'll update the most important stuff today, since my computer science teacher doesn't get anything ♥


Sonntag, 29. Januar 2012

Yay snow~

Hello again!

Maybe you're watching my entries at livejournal, especially e_g...
Today I posted there some photos from yesterday, when a friend of mine and I went outside to take some pictures.
To be honest: I froze my ass off!
That's why I want to show you how exhausting taking pictures in winter (wearing only a dress and some overknees) can be :D
So here are some "behind the scenes" pictures.
Here we go:

On the one hand it was lots of fun, but on the other hand....

I looked like an old lady, running away from the old people's home... It was really cold and annoying to get in this forest with my wedges, but whatever.

 And my overknees were slitting down the whole time. My friend really enjoyed taking pictures of my where I only look totally pissed off or embarassed xD

My hands also got really cold after a while. I couldn't feel them anymore, but my friend had the same problem - I mean she had to take thousands of photos ... xD (okay it's been only 100 in the end XD)

There was another situation, where I wanted it to look like I'd be sitting at this tree, but was only hunkering down. But I had problems with my muscles (which I don't have) that's why I wanted my friend to hurry... (which you can really see in my pissed off and freezing face ♥)

But the best one was when monsieur le moustache joined us. I look so derpy in this picture XD We had to laugh so hard when we saw the result. That's so beautiful ~ ♥

I hope you enjoyed these pictures.
And remember my advice: never take pictures in winter in these clothes. NEVER! o__O

Well, see you soon!
If you want me to post the other pictures too, leave a comment~

I'm so sorry~

Hey dears!

I'm very sorry about haven't been posting for a while here.

My lemon was completely out of order Q__Q
But I am very happy about gaining more readers ♥
Thank you~

I hope not to disappoint you anymore!
(Die Trojan Horse!!! DIE!!!)

I'll be posting soon again with some new photos.

PS. Here a great photo of my boring hometown.
I think that's the only funny sight to see in here:

It's a street sign next to a kindergarden and it reads: Bringing and coming for children allowed. 
At least there are still some funny people left in this Woop Woop! 
(Sorry having my Australian trip at the moment see also PNAU :D)

Montag, 2. Januar 2012

Christmas UPDATE~

Apropos I haven't been posting for a while (see last post):
I'd like you to show my favourite Christmas presents:

1st: Infinite ♥
I was SO astonished when I saw this:

First Invasion, Evolution and Inspirit ♥♥♥
After believing what I've been holding in my hands
I had to imagine how my parents sat in front of my pc 
being left stranded and helpless, 
when looking for a shop where to order these albums.
It was really funny and unbelieveble that they managed it xD

I love Infinite so much and 
having my stuff almost completed 
makes me very happy.
The photobooks are so great 
(though the photobook from Evolution is the best,
they look so bad-boy-like there xD)
and the backcover from Inspirit is also smashing

Thank you ♥ 

2nd: Lucky stars from my cousin

The stars and the glass are so cute and
this act of frienship really touched me ♥

Thank you so much Tammi~

3rd: chain of lights from Julia

Julia is a friend of mine and 
brought this chain of lights from Cambodia.
It's so beautiful and makes me feel like going out into
the big wide world.

Thank you.
Thanks to all of you :D

I guess that's enough for today,
I hope not to annoy anyone, so...

Bye bye :D

Hello 2012! ♥

Hi there gals!
Yes, I'm still alive, though I haven't been posting for a while.
But well whatever:

 Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year~ :D

I had to help my parents in their restaurant during the holidays,
that's why I hadn't the time to turn on my lemon x__x
But on New Year's Eve I've been to Frankfurt with my friends,
so here's a little update

It was GREAT!!! 

I absolutely love this city and I loved the night.

We were in a good mood  and the fireworks were beautiful, awesome, amazing...!

And since I don't know which photos to post
(I took about 150 photos that night xD)
 I'll just post my favourite one ♥

I hope this year will be great for everyone 
and make everybody's dreams come true,
or at least make them come closer ~ 

PS. Give -Everybody- from PNAU a listen.
It's a great song, creating a wonderful atmosphere,
though the lyrics are quite sad.
It was our New Year's Eve song :D

Samstag, 17. Dezember 2011


Sorry LiveJournal...
Maybe I've been wrong!
It was my fault, not yours...
Forgive me ~

Well whatever...
I don't want to annoy anyone but I'm so happy
that my Everyday Gyaru post worked ♥

Oh my god,
I really am a strange person... XD

Good night everyone~

PS. I wonder why blogspot pretends
today's posts to be from the morning?
I wrote them at...
10 and 11 o clock in the evening...