Montag, 27. Februar 2012

My damn PC and I

Hey there guys!
I'm very astonished about having so many followers, although I haven't been posting for quite a long while.
Thank you very much!
I should probably explain what's the matter: 

It's my PC >___<
This old lemon is kicking the bucket since my brother gave it to me (which was a long long time ago) and now it's really giving up the ghost.
It makes the impression as if it collects every single virus we have on the net.
But: My brother will come visit us soon.
I hope he'll fix it.
It's very untimely that this is happening exactly now, since I have lots of stuff to write about.
But well whatever - I'll do my best to solve this problem.

But at the moment that's the only solution I see... XD

Well I think I'll update the most important stuff today, since my computer science teacher doesn't get anything ♥