Sonntag, 29. Januar 2012

Yay snow~

Hello again!

Maybe you're watching my entries at livejournal, especially e_g...
Today I posted there some photos from yesterday, when a friend of mine and I went outside to take some pictures.
To be honest: I froze my ass off!
That's why I want to show you how exhausting taking pictures in winter (wearing only a dress and some overknees) can be :D
So here are some "behind the scenes" pictures.
Here we go:

On the one hand it was lots of fun, but on the other hand....

I looked like an old lady, running away from the old people's home... It was really cold and annoying to get in this forest with my wedges, but whatever.

 And my overknees were slitting down the whole time. My friend really enjoyed taking pictures of my where I only look totally pissed off or embarassed xD

My hands also got really cold after a while. I couldn't feel them anymore, but my friend had the same problem - I mean she had to take thousands of photos ... xD (okay it's been only 100 in the end XD)

There was another situation, where I wanted it to look like I'd be sitting at this tree, but was only hunkering down. But I had problems with my muscles (which I don't have) that's why I wanted my friend to hurry... (which you can really see in my pissed off and freezing face ♥)

But the best one was when monsieur le moustache joined us. I look so derpy in this picture XD We had to laugh so hard when we saw the result. That's so beautiful ~ ♥

I hope you enjoyed these pictures.
And remember my advice: never take pictures in winter in these clothes. NEVER! o__O

Well, see you soon!
If you want me to post the other pictures too, leave a comment~


  1. Oh mein Gott, du bist so süß ♥
    Ich liebe dein Make up!

    (Btw: Ich hätte mir auch den Arsch abgefroren XD Hoffentlich wirst du nicht krank ;A;)

    1. Dankeschön! Sehr lieb von dir ~
      und nein ich bin nicht krank geworden ;D

  2. haha*---* really cute! I loved your bow +outift
    you´re so cute;.;

    Aw snow;.; I wish I had snow here ;.; Unfotunatelly I don´t.

    1. Thank you very much!
      Eu amo o seu estilo!! ♥
      (I hope my Portuguese isn't that bad xD)

      I'd rather prefer the weather in Brazil at the moment!
      I can't stand the cold anymore ;___;

  3. uii ich mag deine haare und dein make up sehr :)
    Ein süßer blog!
    ~ new follower :D

    1. Vielen vielen Dank~
      Hab deinen Blog gerade auch für mich entdeckt ♥
      Ich hoffe du kriegst bald noch mehr Leser - deine Bilder sind so toll!

  4. wow! du siehst soo niedlich aus >.< <3
    oh jee.. dein blog ist so cute und outfit auch *-*


  5. Aw you look so cute and beautiful! *-* I like your hair-bow♥

    Lots of Love <3