Montag, 2. Januar 2012

Christmas UPDATE~

Apropos I haven't been posting for a while (see last post):
I'd like you to show my favourite Christmas presents:

1st: Infinite ♥
I was SO astonished when I saw this:

First Invasion, Evolution and Inspirit ♥♥♥
After believing what I've been holding in my hands
I had to imagine how my parents sat in front of my pc 
being left stranded and helpless, 
when looking for a shop where to order these albums.
It was really funny and unbelieveble that they managed it xD

I love Infinite so much and 
having my stuff almost completed 
makes me very happy.
The photobooks are so great 
(though the photobook from Evolution is the best,
they look so bad-boy-like there xD)
and the backcover from Inspirit is also smashing

Thank you ♥ 

2nd: Lucky stars from my cousin

The stars and the glass are so cute and
this act of frienship really touched me ♥

Thank you so much Tammi~

3rd: chain of lights from Julia

Julia is a friend of mine and 
brought this chain of lights from Cambodia.
It's so beautiful and makes me feel like going out into
the big wide world.

Thank you.
Thanks to all of you :D

I guess that's enough for today,
I hope not to annoy anyone, so...

Bye bye :D


  1. Hey * O *
    Ich hab gerade gesehen das du was über mich auf e_g gepostet hast. Danke ♥

    Du bist so hübsch * v *
    Und du bist infinte fan!!! ♥

  2. Ja, C.N Blue sind so toll♥
    Stehst du auch auf sie?
    Wer ist dein Liebling?

    Was!? Du bist doch kein Loser!
    So ein Quatsch, du bist total hübsch. Und auch wenn du noch
    nicht so viele Follower hast, das kommt noch.
    Ich mag deinen Blog, und ich lese ihn gerne * v *