Montag, 2. Januar 2012

Hello 2012! ♥

Hi there gals!
Yes, I'm still alive, though I haven't been posting for a while.
But well whatever:

 Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year~ :D

I had to help my parents in their restaurant during the holidays,
that's why I hadn't the time to turn on my lemon x__x
But on New Year's Eve I've been to Frankfurt with my friends,
so here's a little update

It was GREAT!!! 

I absolutely love this city and I loved the night.

We were in a good mood  and the fireworks were beautiful, awesome, amazing...!

And since I don't know which photos to post
(I took about 150 photos that night xD)
 I'll just post my favourite one ♥

I hope this year will be great for everyone 
and make everybody's dreams come true,
or at least make them come closer ~ 

PS. Give -Everybody- from PNAU a listen.
It's a great song, creating a wonderful atmosphere,
though the lyrics are quite sad.
It was our New Year's Eve song :D

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